Introducing Abrigo's

Portfolio Risk and CECL Software

Abrigo ALLL/CECL Solutions
Solutions that provide flexibility on the path to Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) compliance.

 With extensive reporting, these solutions can also inform profitability analysis and portfolio optimization, helping you confidently move to CECL and leverage allowance data for portfolio management.

Sageworks ALLL

Gain flexibility with templated expected-loss rate methodologies, making it easy for you to quickly try different segmentation elections with different models to estimate the impact on the allowance and capital and to achieve the calculation that’s most reflective of loss. Sageworks ALLL also includes embedded data sources to help institutions with low to no loss history build defensible documentation. 


MST Loan Loss Analyzer

Provides financial institutions with a more customizable platform for CECL automation. Institutions can manage loan portfolio risk through a rich and multifaceted solution tailored specifically for them and their reporting requirements. The LLA accommodates unique client methodologies and processes while offering the controls necessary for compliance with U.S. GAAP. 


Endorsed by the American Banker's Association
as CECL Software Solutions.

Abrigo Portfolio Risk Software

Manage portfolio-wide risk with data and frameworks that make it easy to identify potential losses. Our Portfolio Risk Solutions prepare your management to quickly report on the portfolio and use the insight gained to inform the institution’s strategy.


Make better decisions by accessing more data and by providing risk and trend analysis through Sageworks Insights. Institutions complying with the Dodd-Frank Act Stress Test (DFAST) requirements can easily apply DFAST scenarios and estimate the impact on capital ratios and financial statements.


Stress Testing 

Banks and credit unions need to stress the portfolio, concentrations, and borrower relationships to identify risk, and we make that easier. Institutions can create custom concentrations and apply multi-variable stress scenarios using key factors like interest rate, cash flow, and collateral value.


Ditch the Spreadsheets
Gain meaningful insight into portfolio performance
and significant time savings for your institution’s executives.

Robust Reporting

Quickly report on portfolio health and trends


Increase defensibility of risk management processes to examiners and auditors

Transition to CECL

Navigate ALLL compliance now and under CECL

Manage Data

Automatically and securely collect, store, and manage loan-level data

Stress Test

Stress test concentrations or the whole portfolio to identify potential and future areas of risk

Dedicated Integration Team

Work with our dedicated integration team to tailor core data to your institution's needs


Ensure a consistent and clear methodology


Compare the impact of different scenarios on loans, income, charge-offs, provision expense, and the allowance

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Portfolio Risk and CECL Consulting Services

Abrigo provides a comprehensive set of Portfolio Risk and CECL consulting services tailored to your financial institution's needs. Our dedicated team of experts is made up of CPAs, former regulators, and risk experts who are ready to help you manage risk and drive profitability.

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[The exam] went so much smoother than it would have without the program. I actually shudder to think of what the experience would have been like if I was still using our internal spreadsheets. The examiner even asked how much we paid for [it] and commented that we got our money’s worth.

NCB gets more out of its ALLL

National Cooperative Bank (NCB) had been using convoluted spreadsheets to calculate its allowance. The bank chose to automate using Sageworks ALLL, and they have achieved significant time savings, more thorough analysis, and better documentation for exams and audits.

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Be a loan portfolio trend spotter and trendsetter.
Let us show you how.
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