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Having the right lending technology lets you streamline the lending process and automate rote tasks, allowing you to refocus important staff time on relationship building and value-added analysis.

Patented technology like our Electronic Tax Return Reader makes the loan origination process faster, and the integrated platform means your bankers enter data only once and have it to use throughout the life of the loan. 

The result is a scalable origination and loan management process.

  • Book more loans, with a faster turnaround
  • Avoid data-entry bottlenecks 
  • Eliminate manual errors and inconsistencies
  • Manage higher loan volume with existing staff 
  • Simplify loan document preparation using a single point of data entry 
  • Expand your small business, personal, nonprofit, and SBA-guaranteed portfolios through loan automation

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Before, we would have had to analyze on an Excel spreadsheet. Now it is one click of a mouse, and the analysis is all right there.
Brandon Yaklich, Commercial Loan Officer, State Bank of Toulon

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With Sageworks Lending Solution from Abrigo, it’s possible to grow your loan revenue through efficient, digital workflows so you can book loans faster and reduce manual errors and inconsistencies.

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Millennium Bank Saw 54% Increase in Loan Volume

When John Hatfield joined the bank in 2014 as a credit analyst and started digging into their origination process, he quickly realized that inconsistency led to varying credit analysis results. Identifying credit analysis as an area of focus, Hatfield and colleague Eve Osborne rolled up their sleeves, with the help of the Sageworks Lending Solution.  

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