Fraud Scenarios

Protect your institution and your customers with fraud scenarios in BAM+. Build a multi-layered approach to fraud prevention by choosing the fraud scenarios that best fit your needs.

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BAM+ Fraud Scenarios
Detect and prevent fraud systematically.

Our software will detect and alert you to a host of fraud types, while providing a central case management system to resolve alerts quickly and efficiently.  Better identify, detect and stop the types of fraud that are truly affecting your institution.

ACH Fraud

Identify a broad range of suspicious activity from account takeover to social security fraud, and tax return fraud to better protect your customers. 

Check Fraud

Detects suspicious checks while minimizing false positives to maximize the scope of results. Our “Four Perspectives Metrics” automate this process by identifying four, key check fraud factors: larger than normal dollar amounts, duplicate check numbers, check serial numbers out of range, and unusually high check volumes.

Check Kiting

Stop fraudsters from floating worthless checks through your institution. This scenario provides a visual comparison of deposits, withdrawals, and quick review tools to help you easily identify potential check kiting without cumbersome paper reports. 

Debit Card Fraud

Detect known patterns of fraudulent debit card behavior, including unusual spikes in activity and changes in usage frequency, to better protect your customers and limit interruptions to their daily lives.

Wire Fraud

By combining behavior and statistical typology to identify suspicious activity for incoming and outgoing wire transactions, these scenarios increase detection of wire fraud and decrease false positives. 

Enterprise Fraud Case Management

Get an all-encompassing view of the fraud at your institution with a centralized location for all fraud types, serving as a place to track, document, and report on fraudulent activity. Share vital information easily across departments to better facilitate workflows.

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Abrigo Fraud Prevention
Fraud prevention software that protects your customers and your institution. Now that’s BIG.

Multi-dimensional technology

Fraudsters are complicated and in a constant state of evolution. BAM+ fraud scenarios combine institution-level risk thresholds with behavioral logic that identifies individual and peer deviations with typology pattern recognition to stop fraudsters in their tracks. 


Our fraud scenarios are customizable to your institution’s unique risk profile. You set the parameters for normal activity for your customer base, reducing false positives and minimizing loss.  


We don’t want to make decisions for you, and we bet you don’t want that either.  Our fraud scenarios put you in the driver’s seat.

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Learn how customers are thinking BIG with BAM+ Fraud Scenarios

After integrating the BAM+ fraud scenarios, the team at Virginia Credit Union discovered suspicious activity that went previously undetected. Since using Banker’s Toolbox fraud scenarios, Virginia Credit Union has prevented over $1 million in fraudulent wires alone, including almost $300,000 in elder financial exploitation.

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By using fraud scenarios to stay on top of fraud trends, we’re doing a better job of protecting our members and their money, helping them to be more confident in their banking decisions.
Grant Garber, Fraud and BSA Manager, Virginia Credit Union

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