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Abrigo Fraud Prevention Software
Fraud prevention software that was created to stay ahead of fraudsters? Now that’s BIG.

Fraudsters use emerging technology to advance their fraud schemes, causing serious damage to your customers/members and your institution’s reputation. You need a trusted partner who can help you stay on top of emerging fraud trends and offer better protection.

Fraud Scenarios

Combining multi-dimensional fraud detection technology with our in-depth anti-money laundering software, BAM+, you are giving your institution a leg up on fraud and staying ahead of the latest fraud trends to protect your institution, your reputation, and your customers/members. 

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Multi-Dimensional Technology

Fraudsters don’t just attack from one angle and our fraud prevention software doesn’t just work one way. We combine institution-level risk thresholds with behavioral logic that identifies individual and peer deviations with typology pattern recognition to stop fraudsters in their tracks.


Just like BAM+, our fraud scenarios are customizable to your institution’s unique risk profile. You set the parameters for normal activity for your customer base, reducing false positives and minimizing loss.


Our fraud scenarios put you in full control. You define normal activity at your institution and change it as your risk profile changes. Turn on and off specific fraud scenarios as you need them to ensure you’re spending time on truly suspicious activity.

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How BAM+ Helped
Mitigate Fraud Loss and
Save VACU Millions

Virginia Credit Union was using a fraud detection system but they knew they could better safeguard their members’ money with a more robust, automated system that tracked all of their suspicious activity in one central place. After integrating the BAM+ fraud scenarios, they discovered suspicious activity that went previously undetected. Since using BAM+ fraud scenarios, Virginia Credit Union has prevented over $1 million in fraudulent wires alone, including almost $300,000 in elder financial exploitation.

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