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Abrigo BSA/AML Software
BSA and AML software that’s designed
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Criminals are constantly adjusting their strategies to outsmart financial institutions. Isn’t it time your Bank Secrecy Act and anti-money laundering software worked to better detect the truly suspicious behavior at your institution and stop those criminals?

Anti-Money Laundering


A powerful anti-money laundering solution which detects and resolves suspicious financial activity, our AML software is the only solution that can be tailored to fit your unique needs and risk profile.


Customer Due Diligence

Due Diligence Manager

Stay compliant with the new beneficial ownership regulations with our customer due diligence (CDD) solution. Streamline your CDD and enhanced due diligence (EDD) processes with the solution that adapts to your current policies and procedures.


OFAC Scanning Software

IQ AutoScan

An innovative technology that scans your customer and vendor databases daily and automatically against OFAC, Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) list, FinCEN, and other blacklists/watch lists. Easily and efficiently ensure your compliance and defend your organization.


Secure Wire Transfer 


Manual wire processing is inefficient. It exposes your institution to the risk of human errors, OFAC concerns, audit concerns, and fraud risk. Protect your institution and gain efficiency with our automated wire monitoring software.


Get a Powerful Tool for BSA and AML


Getting alerts without details on why they triggered slows the investigation process and could result in a flawed BSA program when exam time comes around. Know exactly what triggered your alerts so you can get a clearer, more accurate picture of the suspicious activity at your institution.


Our software meets you where you are. Do you want to deploy it on-site at your institution? No problem. Are you looking to free up IT resources by having us host it on our secure servers? We can do that. Our BSA/AML software was built with the ultimate flexibility to fit your institution’s needs.


Your risk profile and customer base are unique, and you deserve a software you can customize to match those needs. Our BSA/AML software gives you complete control to adjust your parameters to better catch the suspicious activity that most impacts your institution, reducing false positives and making your hard work more effective.

BSA/AML Consulting Services

We don’t just provide you with great technology and hope you’re successful. We have a whole team of experts composed of former bankers, BSA officers, and regulators to ensure you make big things happen at your institution. From consulting hours to risk assessments, and lookbacks to serving as a temporary BSA officer, our staff can help you get back on track – or stay on track.

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What Our Clients Say

To be successful in my role I need robust makes life much easier when we can work smarter not harder with BAM+.

Texan Bank – How BAM+ Can Reduce False Hits

“The false positives were unreal,” said Danielle Mitchell, Senior Vice President and BSA & Compliance Officer at Texan Bank, referring to the institution’s previous BSA software automation.

Their system was returning too many false positives and auditors began to notice. Texan Bank made the switch to BAM+ and Danielle is saving time and feeling far more organized, both in front of examiners and in her day-to-day responsibilities.

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